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Marwa Khan

Posted 15/04/2019 01:04:21

Best Islamic Crowdfunding Platform 🎉

Winner: Yielders, the UK 🏆
This award recognises the most outstanding Islamic crowdfunding finance platform. Includes donation-based platforms, reward-based crowdfunding and equity crowdfunding.

One of the most crowded verticals, the Best Islamic Crowdfunding Finance Platform category was a fierce battlefield of start-ups from across the world from Iran to France to Malaysia jostling for supremacy.

The essence of crowdfunding is simple, but what differentiates the winner from the rest is oversight and ingenuity.

In a space where new crowdfunding platforms emerge every so often, and where public confidence is still shaky, far-sighted London-based Yielders took the strategic step of building credibility by acquiring regulatory approval for its business model, a feat very few Shariah compliant crowdfunding platforms have achieved worldwide.

From being the first Islamic fintech company to acquire a license from the FCA in 2017, Yielders has since gained approval from regulators in Luxembourg, Norway and the Netherlands and is looking to secure the regulatory greenlight from three more markets including in Africa. Certified Shariah compliant by the Islamic Finance Council of Britain, the real estate crowdfunding platform also distinguishes itself by being Shariah-based rather than Shariah compliant. Unlike most equity crowdfunding business models, Yielders’ assets are all pre-funded thus allowing investors to earn returns immediately.

Catering to retail investors by enabling one to invest in real estate for as little as GBP100 (US$130.51), the start-up has also engaged open banking API firms to provide its investment opportunities to high street banks and their customer base.

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