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Cohort E - Stockton-on-Tees

£131,276 65.96% £67,724

Property Description.

Due to popular demand, we offer our Yielders an opportunity to own 5x residential assets in the North East. These properties are spread across an up-and-coming geography; creating a unique and diverse investment offering with a highly competitive 7.15% net yield.

As we increase the size of our pooled SPVs, we give more investors a chance to own a diversified portfolio of properties with the ease of investing in one asset. As with all our active investments, all properties have been acquired and let; producing an almost immediate return for investors.

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Investment Opportunity



Cohort E - Stockton-on-Tees

30 Dundas Street,

  • Investment Term The maximum time frame an investment is expected to run before being sold

    5 years

  • Investment Term Remaining The time remaining on the deal before expected sale

    57 months

  • Projected Rent Net rental dividends paid out to investors after corporation taxes and fees


  • Projected Return Net return over the full investment period, composed of total rent + estimated capital appreciation


  • Investments Total number of investors in asset listing


  • Equity Total amount of equity offered for sale in the asset listing


Investment Calculator

For an investment of (*)investment amount is in increments of £500

Projected Rent P.A.


Rental Return per Month


Rental Return per Year


Net Projected Capital Return

Projected Capital Return for Investment Term Remaining


Net Projected Total Return


Projected Capital & Rental at end of Investment


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